School Age Educator: Temporary

Chicago, IL

CBU Status: Union 

Erie Neighborhood House is in search for School Age Educators (temporary) to join our team!

School-Age Educator, who under the supervision of the School Age Site Director is responsible for implementing program and providing direct service to children in a comprehensive School Age Program. The School-Age Worker will work 4 hours a day during school days and 8 hours a day (full time) during summer/school vacation/holidays, contingent upon funding.

Temporary Position: End Date: When CPS reopens and children go back to school

Hourly Rate: $14/hour

Position Responsibilities:

· Provides an overall environment that is reflective of our multi-ethnic population, conducive to enjoyment, relaxation and socialization. Has well defined interest areas, and promotes recognition, acceptance and positive interactions among children and among children and staff.

· Works with the Director and Assistant Director of Expanded Learning Program in development, planning and implementation of the School Age Program. Actively participates with children ages 5-12 years old.

· Participates in bi-weekly curriculum planning meetings in order to implement a variety of creative, challenging, and interesting choices within the interest areas.

· Responsible in putting their individual group report cards and assessments, along with their clubs pre and post-test in the data base software.

· With the assistance of the Site Director of Expanded Learning at individual site, observes and documents individual needs of each child and completes a biannual assessment completed in the data base software.

· Encourages children in developing a sense of responsibility and respect for their own, others, and the program property by modeling these behaviors appropriately.

· Maintains necessary records, including: school sign out sheets, attendance sheets, attendance books, meal sheets, updating educational files, anecdotal notes, incident/ accident reports, etc.

· Attends staff meetings, supervision meetings, special workshops and training sessions, including D.H.S. sponsored workshops to increase professional knowledge.

· Assures proper care of the program equipment and supplies, including cleaning up the area with the children’s assistance, after activities and meals. This also includes clean-up and storage of gym materials.

· Monitors overall health and safety of all the program children. This includes observing children as they pick them at the schools and reports any sign of illness, injury or child abuse/neglect to the Director of Expanded Learning.

· Ensuring that all necessary materials for pick-ups, such as pick up list and clipboards, are taken on the walk. Also ensuring that the walk back is safe and that no child is left behind at pickups and/or at the end of the day.

· Develops a positive relationship with parents, teachers, and children and is available for formal and informal conferences. Attends parent meetings/presentations, upon request. Assists in DHS’s annual program self-evaluation.

· Works with Director of Expanded Learning program in maintaining National Accreditation of the 5-12 year old program.

· Participates in monthly all-agency meetings, annual agency retreat and Erie’s Annual Meeting. Supports Erie’s fundraising efforts/events. Attends mandated and other appropriate workshops/presentations that will promote professional development.

· Responsible for the program complying with Erie’s, and all City and State licensing requirements and performance standards, including promoting the health and safety of all the children, following sanitation procedures and universal precautions, completing a bi-annual physical exam, complying with the Confidentiality and Child Abuse and Neglect Acts as a mandated reporter, as well as the American’s with Disabilities Act and Erie’s Inclusion Policy.

· Fill in for staff at other sites when needed to fulfill licensing requirements.

· Responsible for making sure walkie talkies are charged at the end of every day for proper use the following day.

· Responsible for making sure the food cart is taken back to the kitchen after every meal. When kitchen aide is absent, be responsible for washing dishes, placing all milk back in the refrigerator, and making sure kitchen is clean.

Qualifications and Requirements:

· This position requires either 45 hours of college courses with at least 6 hours in child development or related field OR 30 hours of college courses with 9 hours in child development/related field plus at least 1560 clock hours verifiable of experience in working with children; Associate’s Degree preferred. Resumes will not be reviewed if candidate does not meet this requirement.

· Bicultural/Bilingual (Spanish) preferred.

· Physical constraints required include lifting and carrying children and other items weighing up to 50 pounds.

· Demonstrates the following qualities: self-motivated, self-directed, follows directions, makes good judgments, creative, reliable, and dependable.

· Exhibits sincere interest in working with children and is knowledgeable regarding children’s development and growth.

· Documentation of eligibility to work in the U.S.

· Ability to respond immediately to any emergency situation.